Not A Decorator

" I am not a decorator." - Florence Knoll, 1964

I have enamel pins that show off my love for my bike (a Schwinn Sprint,) my Buick (a ’97 Le Sabre,) and my city (Pittsburgh, duh.) I’ve even dedicated a second denim jacket solely to a growing collection of pizza-themed patches.

However, I have never had a single accessory that has reflected the pride and passion that I have for my career as an interior designer. The only interior design-themed clothing that I've ever seen is a random t-shirt that says "Interior Designer - because Badass Miracle Worker is not an official job title."

While the quote holds some truth, my disinterest in most graphic t-shirts, unless they have to do with a Pittsburgh sports team, lead me to create something with a few less words and is much more versatile. 



Interior designers work relentlessly for the recognition that we deserve while our qualifications are shadowed by glorified 48-hour renovations on HGTV and an abundance of ideas on Pinterest. Our education, examination, and certification shows that we are uniquely trained for the commercial interior environment.

Interior Design Legislative Coalition of Pennsylvania (IDLCPA)

A portion of the proceeds from Not A Decorator enamel pin sales will be donated to IDLCPA, which is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the interior design profession through licensing and regulation.


Anna Hernandez / Luna Textiles Education Fund

Not A Decorator is equally as committed to supporting the female majority which represents interior design. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to this incredible fund which seeks to advance the education and empowerment of women in design.