Not A Decorator

I am not a decorator,” she said emphatically. “The only place I decorate is my own house.”

She does not think of herself as an architect, either. An au­thority in the field, how­ever, said that Florence Knoll: was surely the most successful woman architect anywhere.

What seems to distinguish her, above all, is something, that probably has nothing to do with her training, architectur­al or otherwise. It is her uner­ring taste. Whenever her name comes up in design or archi­tectural fields there is almost sure to be reference to this leg­endary attribute.
— AS SEEN IN THE NY TIMES 1964 ARTICLE "Woman Who Led an Office Revolution Rules an Empire of Modern Design"
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The Idea

I have enamel pins that show off my love for my bike (a Schwinn Sprint,) my Buick (a ’97 Le Sabre,) and my city (Pittsburgh, duh.) I’ve even dedicated a second denim jacket solely to a growing collection of pizza-themed patches.

However, I have never had a single accessory that has reflected the pride and passion that I have for my career as an interior designer. The only interior design-themed clothing that I've ever seen is a random t-shirt that says "Interior Designer - because Badass Miracle Worker is not an official job title."

While the quote holds some truth, my disinterest in most graphic t-shirts, unless they have to do with a Pittsburgh sports team, lead me to create something with a few less words and is much more versatile.